Thursday, September 13, 2007

PlanHeaven – Entrepreneur Pitches coming to the Web

Dylan Peterson is an Austinite now working out of Seattle. When I first met Dylan four years ago he was pitching a Charter Bus reservation company called Coppertop which is now called Charter Bus America. The venue was Opal Divine’s on 6th street which I thought was an odd location for pitching to a group of angels. Even odder was the fact that we were all gathered on the balcony overlooking 6th street. Just as he stood up to pitch, the musicians on the deck below started up a new set and Dylan had give his pitch over the SxSW concert going on downstairs. He kept his cool and gave the pitch without a hitch.

Dylan is now back in Austin with a new startup called PlanHeaven. The company runs a website which streams videos of entrepreneurs pitching their business plan to potential investors. As the director of an angel network, I can look up deals that meet my groups requirements which for the Central Texas Angels are

1) Based in Texas
2) Seeking $2M or less in funding
3) Have a complete or near-complete product/service

As video comes to the web in ever greater volume, it’s a natural tool for the entrepreneur to use to communicate the value of his/her business. Many investors would rather watch a ten-minute video to get the basic idea rather than read a business plan or even an executive summary. Check out the website.

Best regards,
Hall T.