Monday, June 16, 2014

The First HyperLocal Crowdfunding Portal in Texas--the Wilco Funding Portal

The First HyperLocal Crowdfunding Portal in Texas--the Wilco Funding Portal

Williamson County recently launched their own community-based crowdfunding portal called the the Wilco Funding Portal to help their citizens raise funding for donation, rewards, and equity deals.  As the fastest growing county in the USA, the community sees quite a number of startups and growth companies.  

Companies seeking funding from their local community first whether it be family and friends or people in their area.  The funding portal is up and running with four deals on it. The cities of Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Georgetown funded the development of the portal and made it a county-wide initiative.   It was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Develoment Advisory councils in the area. 

Crowdfunding is the concept that allows companies to access desired funding by leveraging small contributions from many parties. With the ability to maximize smaller contributions, crowdfunding has become the latest tool young enterprises, that may otherwise struggle to secure traditional financing, are using to find the necessary funding to grow their operation.

The Texas Entrepreneur Network will be responsible for administering the website while the Round Rock chamber, along with other partnering Economic Development organizations in Cedar Park, and Georgetown will market the website to small businesses and provide oversight of the website's activities.  Focusing only on businesses located or locating to Williamson County, this will be one of the first hyper-local crowdfunding websites in the nation.

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