Monday, January 31, 2011

Got Funded: A Rounds in Austin Start-ups!

Texchange Austin will hold its next event on Tues, Feb 8, from 6 to 8pm at the AT&T Center

Austin's high-tech entrepreneur CEOs will share their stories about the journey of their start-ups from concept to funding. They will share the positives of their rides, the "avoid this" list and hints and tips to get a start-up from idea to funding. They will share how their journeys as first time leaders/founders of start-ups put them at an advantage or disadvantage in the current funding climate. The "repeat offenders" aka "serial entrepreneurs will share how this time was different than in the past. The CEOs on the panel and the discussion leaders have raised their first institutional round of capital for their companies from Austin to California and beyond in the past year.

The Moderator: Kip McClanahan, Partner, Silverton Partners

The Panelists are:

Brian Magierski, CEO & Founder, Appconomy

Rick Orr, CEO, TabbedOut

Larry Warnock, CEO, Gazzang

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