Saturday, June 7, 2014

Austin Recycling Innovations Funding Forum Showcased New Technologies for Resource Recovery

I had the privilege of leading a funding forum program for the City of Austin called the Recycling Innovations Funding Forum.  We had ten entrepreneurs pitch for funding of which 6 have received follow up interest from investors so far.  

As a Zero Waste community, Austin is aggressively pulling recyclable materials from the waste stream and seeking companies to start-up, expand and relocate in Austin to use these raw materials in value-added processes. Ten companies were  chosen to make 10-minute pitch presentations before an investor audience. 
Presenting companies included local, regional, national and international companies that engaged in recycling, upcycling and reuse manufacturing. Early stage and growth stage companies demonstrated proven technology and scalable business models interested in Austin/Travis County locations and were encouraged to submit proposals.
Venture capitalists, angel investors, banks and others participated to learn more about the tremendous growth opportunity in recycling manufacturing in Austin.  The City of Austin provided information on its possible incentives through various programs and departments that make Austin a great place to be in the business of recycling.
The event drew over 130 attendees.  The presenters for the event were:
EcoGridEnergy– tire recycling–
Ecostrate–make signage and flooring materials from recycled plastics –
FillaBox–collection systems –
Goodwill Central Texas–upcycling brorken glass –
Grey’s Paper Recycling–recycling waste paper and old cotton –
Organics byGosh–composting of organics –
Re-Sourcery–creates crafts from upcycled materials –
Rewall materials–recycles milk cartons into building materials –
Stitzii–recycles grease from pizza boxes –
Technollo–recycle mobile phones –
You can view a recording of the presentations at this link.

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Hall T.