Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Texas Entrepreneur Network (TEN) Infographic--Wilco Funding Portal

Texas Entrepreneur Network (TEN) Infographic--Wilco Funding Portal

The Wilco Funding Portal provides funding for Williamson County businesses and those businesses seeking to relocated to Williamson County in Texas. 

5 Techniques for Getting a Reader to Open your Email

Readers receive hundreds of emails every day.  How do you make sure a reader opens your email?  Here are 5 techniques to make sure your email gets read:

1.     Make the subject line intriguing and provocative.   Make it short – no more than 30 letters or 6 to 10 words.  Tell the reader what they are going to learn in a short amount of time.

2.     Use numbers – numbers show specificity which comes across as concrete and definitive.

3.     Use the person’s name -- make it a person to person to communication.  Avoid the use of Mr, Investor, All, or other generic terms.

4.     Use your name in the ‘from’ line -- it should come from you and not your company.  Ideally, they should recognize your name and know who you are.

5.     Use an easy to read font in text layout -- avoid brochure style emails as it looks like it was generated from a corporate marketing machine. In preview mode the reader will judge the email by its format and length.   Using bullet points will make it faster to read.  

The key is to offer a great deal of value in a minimum amount of time.  I’ve scanned longer articles looking for the core concept and then passed on reading the article when I couldn’t find it.  Make your message easy to find and you’ll gain more readers.

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Hall T.