Friday, January 21, 2011

Top Ten Trends 2011-- Cloud Computing

For several years now, cloud computing has been coming such that there are over 50 Million servers installed today. The amount of digital information increased by 73 percent in 2008 to an estimated 487 billion gigabytes, today. In 2011, cloud computing will become mainstream and supplant the PC-centric model. Computing hardware you see in the office will start to disappear as functions shift to the cloud -- storage, backups, large memory models, and numerical processing, will lead the shift. Netbooks which topped the trends list last year are now being replaced by tablets.

Software applications such as Microsoft Word will move from your desktop to the cloud as well. You won’t need your own personal copy of Word -- just an instance of it for a project. In fact, most application development will shift from the PC to the cloud.

Online backup which is common today will continue to grow as desktop applications will follow.

I’ve developed a list of the Top Ten trends for 2011. Actually, it’s a list of ten areas with the major trends in each one. If you are considering a startup you may want to look at these trends as a source of direction. If you runa business you may find these trends a wake up call for what you should be doing to grow your business. I’ll be coming to a group near you soon.

Best regards,
Hall T