Thursday, May 8, 2014

Crowdfunding Conference Comes to Austin

As Texas looks to implement a rule change allowing all investors limited access to private equity investments, a major crowdfunding conference comes to Austin this month.

The CFGE CrowdfundEntrepreneur Summit will take place at the Austin Hilton on May 30th to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by crowdfunding. 

The summit will feature extensive crowdfunding education and panels with leading experts from around the nation, a live pitch competition and a casting call for reality TV show American Gnuity

Both emerging and established entrepreneurs will be able to mingle with business leaders, incubators and accelerators, investors, nationally recognized speakers and real estate companies entering the crowdfunding space.
This two-day event will feature high-level investor, real estate and alternative asset curriculum on day one and two, with day two also featuring extensive education for entrepreneurs.

I'll be joining the panel on the upcoming Texas Intrastate crowdfunding ruling.  If you haven't read about it, you can see it here.  The proposed ruling will most likely go into effect in August of this year and will allow any Texas resident the ability to invest in a startup up to $5K each year. 

You can receive a 30% discount off the entry price by using the following code "Texas10" when you register at this link.

Best regards,
Hall T.