Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chris Camillo brings Crowdfunding Conference to Austin

Chris Camillo brings Crowdfunding Conference to Austin

I recently attended the Crowdfunding Conference in Las Vegas in which 200 people gathered to discuss the issues, tools, and topics surround Crowdfunding.  I met several of the presenters who from the conference and have run a series of webinar these past weeks to highlight their experience.  You can see the webinar presentations of Jonathan Sandlund of CrowdCafe, Ruth Hedges of Funding Roadmap, and Brian Knight of CrowdCheck at the webinar linkon our home page.

Chris Camillo was one of the presenters at the conference. He’s now bringing the Crowdfunding Conference to Austin, on January 8, 2013.  Chris is making a documentary film about crowdfunding and plans to use the event to capture interviews and gain insights into the process.

While most crowdfunding conferences are geared solely towards helping entrepreneurs prepare for Crowdfunding - Crowdfund Texas will connect national crowdfunding thought leaders with investment, entrepreneurial, and academic professionals for in-depth solo and panel discussions on how our startup community can benefit from this new financial vehicle.

The event will be held at the Omni Hotel downtown Austin from 8am to 7pm. For more information on Crowdfund Texas you can visit