Wednesday, July 6, 2016

5 Golden Rules of Fundraising Success

There are several basic rules of fundraising that all startups should keep in mind

1. Know your investors—it’s important to know what kind of investor you are looking for and what those investor wants to see in your deal.  Many startups fail to understand what the investors are looking for and end up without a followup meeting after the pitch. 
2.  Educate your investors--after you pitch the investor it’s important to educate the investor through updates about your deal.  It’s often the case the investor is unfamiliar with your application or space.  
3. Build trust—demonstrate that you can be trusted by showing examples of how you’ve performed  in the past.
4. Respect your investors—show respect to the investor and don’t take their time and advice for granted.  When investors see their feedback and advice is not followed up, they turn their attention elsewhere.
5. Focus on current supporters—make sure you keep your current investor and investor prospects updated on your startup. If you don’t articulate progress in your deal, the investor will most likely not know.
Best regards,

Hall T.