Saturday, September 17, 2011

Terry Hazell Talks about RampCorp

Terry Hazell Talks about RampCorp

What is RampCorp?

RampCorp is training, coaching and networking program specifically designed for women who are or who want to be entrepreneurs. Over a period of 25 weeks, meeting one night per week, participants will learn the aspects of launching and growing a business, receive many hours of one-on-one coaching and increase their network dramatically. About half will start a company or change their company’s business model. See can see the list of companies at this link. . We provide some free resources, too.

Who is involved?

Many participants say the coaching is their favorite part. Great coaches like Robin Curle, Laura Bosworth, Laura Kilcrease, Kathy Lindauer and Mary Haskett make the program. Robin Curle has led several companies to multi-million dollar revenues and has been named a “galaxy of entrepreneurship”.

Mary Haskett has run several companies ranging from a skydiving school to a missile launch training SaaS company and her current company is named Top 50 startups by Kauffman Foundation. Laura Bosworth has led product launches and $100 Million programs at large companies. Laura Kilcrease, Investor in Residence, knows how to position companies for funding. Kathy Lindauer, Lawyer in Residence, shares legal topics and weekly legal tips.

Also, members can continue for a second 25 week session. New members benefit from learning from returning “2nd year” women slightly ahead in their entrepreneurial efforts.

Applications are open until late October. You can apply here.

What is your favorite part?

When a woman joins without a business idea, finds an idea, launches and then one night announces a major milestone. A few weeks ago CEO of a newly formed El Paso venture announced she had made her first sale. To me it was the home team winning the super bowl!

What will you include in your upcoming blog series?

I’ll be sharing some of the RampCorp resources and tips on self-promotion, scalable business models, technology transfer and getting ready for due diligence.

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