Thursday, April 15, 2010

Texas Funding Symposium -- a Great Lineup of Startups

The Texas Funding Symposium is just around the corner -- April 21st. This year we're introducing the Startup Pavillon in which startups seeking funding will have a place to demo their products and meet with investors. The list of those who are exhibiting are sometimes familiar and often times new. Here's a list:

Waldo Networks
Stella Arrays
Onit Technology
Nanolite Systems
Eureka Environmental
Innovate Wireless Health
Angel Tree consulting
Midnight Studios
Green Star Lighting

Several in this group will also have the opportunity to give their Fastpitch.

Also, we added a special briefing by DLA Piper on the the proposed Dodd legislation that, if passed, would dramatically change the landscape for angel investing and startup funding. Under the proposed legislation, the definition of an 'accredited investor' would be raised eliminating about two-thirds of existing investors.

Please join us to see these new startups and learn more about the investing scene here in Austin.

Best regards,
Hall T.