Monday, September 3, 2007

Demand Fitness - Fitness through the web

I had the opportunity to meet Mike Salas who previously worked at PMC-Sierra and Britestream. He started an online fitness site called Demand Fitness. The site provides over 200 online training videos streamed through the web to subscribers who want to improve their workout routine but without a trainer. Often times the user is someone working out at home. I asked about the need for equipment, but it appears that most of the courses do not require machines or weights. The courses tend to emphasize yoga, pilates, and aerobics. Most gyms offer training courses targeted at the mainstream, but the use of the web allows Mike to reach the “long tail” of the market and provide training to expectant mothers, those with limited mobility, and other niche areas. There’s also an online “tracker” that tracks the subscribers goals and progress status.

Demand Fitness went live last year and now has a growing subscription base with fees around $15/month. Mike is seeking to expand into the corporate fitness center market and to provide “branded” training courses with a company’s logo and backdrop. With only two people he’s able to create a growing business with a sustainable model.

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