Wednesday, October 31, 2007

SBDC – Small Business Development Corporations

In our Entrepreneur Training sessions, I’m often asked about where an entrepreneur can get training and startup assistance. The Small Business Development Corporation is one resource. I had a coffee this morning with Joe Lam of the Texas State SBDC to learn more about the services they offer to entrepreneurs seeking to startup a business.

The Small Business Development Corporation is an affiliate to the Small Business Administration. They provide services to startup companies including basic business plan development, financial analysis and secondary market research. They coach entrepreneurs in how to get funding as well as how to run their business. I asked if there was a limitation on the amount of time spent with entrepreneurs, but Joe replied that as long as the entrepreneur is making progress then the SBDC will continue working with them.

There are three offices in the Central Texas area – San Marcos, Austin, and Round Rock. I asked why I hadn’t heard more about their services to the startup community. Joe replied that the federal government which funds the SBDC didn’t earmark any funds for advertising so they’re limited in their ability to promote their services. I invited Joe to come out to our next entrepreneur training which will be December 4, 2007, to tell us more about their offering. If you’re looking for help in your startup, please join us. You can see more at this site.

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