Wednesday, November 14, 2007

SmarteSoft—Automating Software Testing

I met with Gordon MacGregor from SmarteSoft which makes test automation software for web-based and client-server applications. The company’s software improves software validation times by up to 5x with substantially lower costs. They are targeting a horizontal audience but with some emphasis on key verticals such as medical device companies trying to meet FDA requirements. The market for automated testing of software of course is huge. The IDC puts the market size well over a $1B a year. The company is out raising funding to scale up the business. They are shifting from a standard software license agreement to a Software As A Service (SAAS) model. This will help generate higher revenue for the company.

I recommended to Gordon to look at DOORS by Telelogic. It’s a requirements management software package that is complementary to his testing application. Anyone using DOORS is a prime candidate for using SmarteSoft.

Gordon comes from Glasgow, Scotland. I used to spend my summers in Scotland so we had a nice chat about the bed and breakfast scene there as well as the new bridge (it’s not so new any more) that connects the Isle of Skye to the mainland. It’s a debate whether the bridge is a step forward or backward. In any event, this company is moving fast and should be interesting to watch.

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