Monday, December 10, 2007

Chuck Besondy – The Mad Scientist of Marketing

I had coffee today with Chuck Besondy who is a fellow blogger who writes the One Riot—One Ranger blog. He is currently co-writing a book called “Leadership On-Demand” which is about utilizing interim staff for sales and marketing management functions. This also helps for high workload seasons, filling gaps in the skills set, or when key people leave. The work is based on 20 interviews with CEOs.

One of the more interesting projects Chuck has done is director of marketing for the Austin Wranglers. He put together the marketing plan for ticket sales and sponsors. He’s also worked with David Altounian’s iTaggit and performed the initial market validation and market sizing.
As for market sizing, Chuck described his work at Boxx Technologies which serves the film and video industry. Chuck took the total available market and calculated the serviceable market by looking at the number of studios, number of projects per studio, and brand loyalty among other factors to get down to a much tighter number.

Chuck is called by some the “Mad Scientist” of marketing as he brings unusual rigor to the process of setting up sales/marketing funnels. This is a favorite topic of mine since I’ve seen how powerful it can be in galvanizing the resources of a company. A sales funnel essentially divides up the suspects (no interest but potential customers), prospects (interested potential customers) and customers (those who actually bought the product) and maps the steps one goes through from one stage to the next and even models how many go through the process.

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