Monday, December 3, 2007

WiredReach—Easy to Use File Sharing

I had coffee recently with Ash Maurya of WiredReach which makes dead simple file sharing software using a peer to peer technology. Ash has a background in the Telecoms industry in Richardson and found a need in the market for file sharing of large sizes. While most companies offering such services focus on the big three – music, videos, and photos, Ash’s company focuses on the “long-tail” of applications including Photoshop and AutoCAD users. Adobe Photoshop users and Autodesk CAD users are underserved segments which his company focuses on. They offer their software for a fairly low-price per month. They’ve been working on custom application projects for several years and are now moving over to a standard products offering – a key for scalability.

In reviewing deals, CTAN has its three basic criteria:

1. Are they based in Texas?
2. Do they have a complete/near-complete product?
3. Are they seeking $2M or less?

After that CTAN looks at the next three questions:

1. Do they have an experienced management team?
2. Can the product generate revenue yet?
3. Have they validated the market? Will anyone buy it?

It appears Wired Reach meets both sets of requirements. Of course there’s more work to do, but this is a great way to open the conversation with CTAN.

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