Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wireless Seedstage Forum 2008—Moximity Wins the Best Pitch

The Wireless Seedstage Forum is hosted each year by the Austin Technology Incubator and the Central Texas Angel Network. The event kicks off the 2008 Texas Wireless Summit.

This year the Forum fielded applications from startups all over the central US and a total of nine companies were selected to pitch their ideas to experienced investors seeking investment opportunities in the space. They ranged from the more traditional enterprise software solutions to gaming to consumer applications. The nine presenting companies were Axelo, Denarii Payments, Gendai Games, MobiTX, Moximity, Ringful, ServiceFirst, SmoothStone, and Unwired Nation.

The audience in attendance at the forum was given the opportunity to select the best pitch of the day, and through that process awarded Moximity the “Best Pitch of the Forum”. Moximity is a free application currently in the iPhone app store which integrates users’ friends from online social networks like Facebook and Twitter with users’ location data. Moximity then overlays information about venues such as restaurants and bars near their location, so users can bring their social life back to the real world.

I’ve downloaded Moximity onto my iPhone and found it significantly improved over the beta version I tried a few months ago.
Bryan Jones was excited about the award. “We are proud to have been selected as the winners, and grateful to the Austin Technology Incubator and the Central Texas Angel Network for providing exposure for companies like Moximity,” said Moximity CEO Bryan Jones.

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