Monday, April 27, 2009

Last Call for FastPitch Contestants for Central Texas Funding Symposium

The Fastpitch is the most often used technique by the entrepreneur. I talk with many entrepreneurs and they confirm that the one tool they use more than anything else in their toolkit is the fastpitch -- or as some call it, the elevator pitch. The idea is to convey your business concept to someone else in sixty seconds or less.

An entrepreneur once told me he couldn't explain his concept in less than forty-five minutes. I replied that he was spending too much time explaining his concept to people who may not be interested in the idea at all or couldn't help him. He should create a sixty-second version, and then check for interest afterwards.

At the Central Texas Funding Symposium on May 7th, we'll hold a Fastpitch competition. If you want exposure to angels, venture capitalists, and other players in the funding industry, you're invited to join the competition. Please contact me for further details at director (at) austinentrepreneurnetwork DOT org.

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