Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Anjan Contractor of iSpire Talks about His Startup

Anjan Contractor of iSpire Talks about His Startup

Where are you from originally?

I am originally from India but lived in Columbus, Ohio for 7 years before I moved to
Austin 4 years ago.

What university did you go to?

I went to Ohio State University.

What brought you to Austin?

My first job.

What is the idea behind your startup?

A state of art mechanism that we developed in our spare time has potential to
generate energy from the traffic flow.

What need does it fulfill?

It generates free energy, which can be used for the traffic lights, road lights, display boards or fed to the electric grid.

What exactly does your product do?

Our product- Roadside Dynamic Generator (Rd-Gen) can be installed underneath the pavement. When vehicles pass over Rd-Gen, it can generate electricity. It can also enhance traffic safety.

Who is it for?

The US department of transportation, Wal-Mart, Simon Property Group, Central Parking
Corp. and similar.

What was the most challenging aspect of starting up a business?

Getting seed funding.

What is the next step for you and your startup?

We will develop a prototype and test it.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs?

"If you throw enough things on the ceiling, something will stick."

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