Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guest Blogger Samantha Snabes talks about the NASA Human Health and Performance Center (NHHPC)

As a former life sciences entrepreneur, I can sympathize with the difficulty of collaborating with government agencies.

Recognizing the need for new initiatives and the opportunity gained from aligning diverse skill sets with experts residing within multiple disciplines, the Johnson Space Center Space Life Sciences Director, Dr. Jeffrey Davis founded the NASA Human Health and Performance Center (NHHPC). Established in October 2010, the NHHPC is a global convener of 85+ member organizations from government agencies, industry, academia, and non-profits that support the advancement of human health and performance innovations. In short, it is a virtual forum aimed at connecting organizations interested in collaborating and advancing human health and performance on Earth and in space.

The member driven organization provides resources and knowledge sharing to foster projects relating to the Center’s themes: Education and Inspiration, Habitability and Human Factors, Research and Technology, Innovation, Performance, and Health. There is no fee or document to sign—the only requirement to be a member is having an interest in advancing the goals of the NHHPC, and a willingness to share information and consider collaborative projects to achieve these goals. Members have the opportunity to share contact information, participate in bi-annual workshops, monthly telecoms, and collaborate on a soon-to-launch member-restricted Wiki. These platforms provide a unique opportunity to facilitate idea sharing amongst established industry leaders as well as startups and academics.

As entrepreneurs, and more importantly, collaborative solution seekers, I invite you to learn more about the Center and explore the presentations from the inaugural January Workshop focused on collaborative strategies and best practices at this link:

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