Thursday, March 7, 2013

TXEN announces its new crowdfunding platform for equity investments

Over the past three years, we’ve been helping entrepreneur raise funding through physical funding forums throughout the state of Texas, and in these events, up to 10 entrepreneurs pitch to a panel of investors. Our track record has been astounding! We’ve calculated that we’ve helped entrepreneurs raise over $65 Million in funding through this process already!

Since our database has grown to over 600 active, accredited investors around the state, we are extending our program to include a crowdfunding platform on our website. Entrepreneurs will soon be able to post their deal to our website and we will help promote those deals to our investor database in various ways, such as webinar pitch sessions, email blasts, personal introductions, profile promotions, and more.

Of course, our physical events such as funding forums and funded cocktail receptions will continue as planned, but this will open up your deal to far more investors that we can get in our current events and close the distance gap around the state.

How does it work?

Approved entrepreneur deals will be posted to our crowdfunding platform and include executive summary information and more to promote your deal. Accredited investors will login to see deals, and if they want to learn more about yours, they click on an “I’m interested” button and we’ll line up a followup.

What does it cost?

We are not a broker/dealer so we don’t take commissions, success fees, or equity. We do charge a monthly flat fee to post on our site/month. Entrepreneurs will pay $500/month (with a 3 month minimum). After all, it takes time to meet investors and build a relationship. In that first three months, we help you with your documents (executive summary, pitch deck, and five year financials) and mail to our investors on a regular basis about your deal. Investors interested in your deal will be able to click the “interest” button and we’ll line up a conference call, webinar, or in-person meeting.

Entrepreneurs that commit to six months on our crowdfunding platform will receive several added services from us: you will be invited to a physical funding forum and to one of our funded cocktail receptions.

Remember, we are helping you raise funding, and not raising funding for you. Investors pay nothing to participate in our crowdfunding platform, but they must be accredited to have access to the deals on the site.

Find out more

Space on our crowdfunding platform will be limited and we will be taking only the deals that we believe we can help.

On March 22 at 2:00 CT, we will be hosting a webinar to go into detail about how our crowfunding platform works and give you the opportunity to ask questions. If you think your deal would be resonate with our investor network, we urge you to Apply Now our crowdfunding platform and participate in the webinar!

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