Sunday, January 17, 2016

AnatoMotion show teeth in action using real-time video technology

Shane Matt runs AnatoMotion which fills a gap in dental technology by providing dental motion analysis for fixing dental bite problems.   He needed a way to electronically store and share digital bite registrations with an anatomically correct motion of the patient. Smart wearables provided the conduit for an easy to use, affordable and scalable solution.
AnatoMotion's e-Bite system consists of wireless sensors on the teeth and software to analyze jaw function. Dental lab technicians, who make restorations and appliances rarely ever see a patient. Now they can see how a patient moves their teeth, allowing them to make more functional prosthetics. They can also correlate digital 3D files of the teeth to sleep studies to capture the correct bite for sleep apnea appliances.
Once FDA approved, AnatoMotion will be used by dentists on patients having cosmetic makeovers, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems, sleep apnea and a number of other issues. NXP, formerly Freescale Semiconductor has supported the effort through technical research and other resources in their Discovery Lab.
As an entrepreneur, Shane indicates it takes time to refine and distill the "why" and "how" when going from visionary to entrepreneurship. The most difficult challenge he encountered has been in presenting the product concept to venture capitalists. He’s now using Crowdfunding as it gives a broader reach to individuals that are interested in early stage seed investment.
Shane is now completing hardware development. In January, he will build the user interface software and begin the FDA regulatory process.

See more about Anatomotion here

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