Saturday, January 30, 2016

Texas Venture Growth Forum -- 4 -- Participating Companies

Since most of the potential investors work on the west coast or east coast, a Texas entrepreneur must travel extensively to meet them.   Two week travels up and down the coasts is a common part of most entrepreneurs spring and fall calendar.  The Texas Venture Growth Forum brings the investors to Texas for two days of 1:1 sessions saving time and travel for all involved.  Here are some quotes from the event participants:

Erik Huddleston, Trendkite, “The Texas Venture Growth Forum gave me the opportunity to meet new investors.”

Panos of Seismos, “I was able to meet many investors without having to travel extensively.”

Alan Knitowski, Phunware, “It was great seeing West Coast investors in Austin.”

Valuations in startups on the West Coast and East Coast have hit all time highs.  Pre-revenue companies with a product barely working are receiving high valuations by investors seeking the next big hit.  Texas trails the coasts in valuations and so investors come to find deals at more reasonable prices.

To learn more about the Texas Growth Capital Forum visit this link

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