Saturday, February 6, 2016

Can you support the team -- at least a little bit

As an investor, I see many deals coming through the angel networks and increasingly across the funding portals. I dropped the "crowd" out of the name as it's fast becoming the standard for entrepreneurs to showcase their deals on crowdfunding portals -- so much so, that pretty soon, it'll be the default.

After deciding the team has something and they are in the right market, the next question I ask myself is, "Can I support the team -- at least a little bit."  I've learned that passive investing is really not that interesting.  It would be easier to invest in an index fund if that's all that I'm going to do.  If I'm investing in a startup, then I want some role in the business.  I ask myself:

1. Can I help with the product?
2. Can I help build the team?
3. Can I help make sales?
4. Can I help with the business process/
5. Can I help with the marketing?
6. Can I help with lead generation?
7. Can I help with recruiting?
8. Can I help with the operations?
9. Can I help with the logistics/office?

If I go through the entire list and I can't find any way to help, then I take a pass on it.

Angel investing should be active investing -- at least a little bit.

Hall T.

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