Friday, February 26, 2016

Funding Analytics--How it helps you raise funding

Fund raising is moving from a local exercise to a global one.  One can still get a loan from a local bank or an equity investment from a local angel group, but the availability of capital throughout the world awaits those who know where to find it.

Investment Analytics shows investors how to make better investment decisions.  Funding Analytics shows entrepreneurs how to find better investors.  By researching the track record and criteria of venture capital funds, private equity funds, and angel group portfolios, the entrepreneur can more accurately target the right investor group for their deal.

Funding Analytics includes the current market rate for valuations -- always a key decision in a negotiation with investors.

Funding Analytics shows the best way to approach the investor and keep them informed of your progress.

Funding Analytics shows which investors have funds ready to deploy versus those who are still raising their next fund.

Funding Analytics shows what due diligence documents are required and how to build them.

Total capital investment throughout the world is over $100 Trillion. The funding is there -- to find it you'll need Funding Analytics.

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