Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Texas Entrepreneur Network (TEN) Infographic--TEN Investor Network

TEN Investor Network

The Texas Entrepreneur Network over the past six years has grown to include many portals and programs.  The world of entrepreneurship is broad and varied with many different types of entrepreneurs.  TEN has many “crowds” to support those many entrepreneur groups.   

For seed deals, TEN has the Business Funding Texas portal that lets anyone in Texas invest in a startup—even unaccredited investors.  The majority of deals are going to market and are looking for angel investors.  Businesses with cash flow can also pursue revenue-based funding. Later stage startups can raise funding from Venture Capitalists.  

TEN also supports the Wilco Funding portal—the first hyper-local portal in Texas for funding startups in Williamson County or those startups moving there.  Communities like Williamson County can use crowdfunding to support their local startups through their Economic Development Corporation.  Texas has over 700 EDCs which foster business growth.  TEN brings startups to many of these EDCs.

The TEN Funding portal also has Family Offices, real estate investors, and oil and gas investors. 

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