Monday, October 8, 2007

Minggl—Social Networking of Social Networking Sites

If you’re an avid social networking user you know the drill. Login to Facebook and review your profile. Login to MySpace and check your favorites. And so on and so forth. Each social networking site has its own login and password requirements. But what if you could login just once and all your sites are now accessible? That’s what Minggl does for you.

It can update photos and videos from anywhere across the web and consolidate friends lists and organize them better.

The entrepreneur behind the scenes is Dewey Gaedcke who according to his LinkedIn profile holds the survival record (5 days without water) in Kilauea Volcano national park in Hawaii. Dewey talks about how Minggl gives the user the ability to bring all of one’s content, whether if by YouTube, Flickr, MySpace or any other site, and consolidate it into a package that can be placed by the user in a position on the web and even change the access priority on the content so the user controls what others can see.

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