Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Springwise – Source of Innovative Ideas

Are you looking for that innovative idea that will inspire your next startup? I found a source called Springwise that captures new ideas from around the world. In the current edition, I found “Mobile Marketing at Music Festivals” an interesting idea. Instead of holding up a lighter during a concert to register your affirmation of a song, how about holding up a mobile phone with a lighter glowing on the display? How about applets you can download to help you find others in the crowd?

How about parties for foodies? In these events, you need only get a group of people together. Consultants bring the food to the meeting for you to sample. It’s a direct sales technique but for a free meal of new and interesting cuisine it sounds like a lot of fun.

Then there’s “Ridesharing with a Twist” which utilizes social networking sites to help people find carpool rides that are more interesting. Finally, there’s the “Scoring for Simpler Shopping Comparison” in which a web site gives a single number score (1-100) for a product. Most sites provide data covering several screens making comparisons difficult.

In each of the examples above, Springwise highlights a startup in that space so you can dig into the idea and see how they are executing it. I recommend you check it out as it may spur some ideas for your own startup.

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