Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mike Romanies Talks about the Austin Healthy Living and Good Eating Expo

Mike Romanies Talks about the Austin Healthy Living and Good Eating Expo

Where are you from originally?

The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.

What university did you go to?

Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, PA

What brought you to Austin?

An Austin Ventures start-up/turn-around brought me to Austin in 2001.

What is your group’s mission?

My City Shows is an Austin, TX based Event Management Company focused on bringing unique personal contact events to communities which benefit local vendors and charitable causes.

Through our community friendly events, local vendors of products and services can have the opportunity to meet with new prospective customers. Consumers have access to local suppliers of goods and services in a convenient venue from which they can sample, and buy, from local vendors while also assisting local non-profits.

What need does it fulfill?

The events provide a venue for local small business to expose their products and services to their local communities enabling them to expand their customer bases and obtain consumer feedback.

The first event, TheAustin Healthy Living and Good Eating Expo, will feature Healthy and Natural Products, Services, Food, Snacks, and activities. Unlike many other venues, product and food sampling and sales are encouraged providing immediate and direct sales and product feedback.

What exactly does it bring to startups?

Start-up will benefit from reasonably priced access to a targeted and local audience of consumers whom have specifically chosen to attend the event.

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